Design and Project Drawing

Three dimensional designs

    In Setap projects are designed in 3-dimensional environment as the result of meetings held with customers, customer representatives and other partners and is presented to the customer together with the structural system materials list, work schedule and work flow diagram.

    SETAP is keeping its project and technical team which very well know the production and application under additional continuous control by independent controllers who consist of academicians having application experience. It is supporting its project team who are graduates of internationally reputed universities and who create projects using international standards especially the EUROCODE, with an architectural team which designs its customers' requests. SETAP overlaps all its project work (statics, mechanical, electrical and architectural) to each other and is thus able to prevent discrepancies at the construction site.

    The Production projects drawn at the project office are transferred to the production line online by the production engineers and preod processes are followed-up against online building the project department.