Structural Steel System

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    Structural steel system is used especially in large scale structures which require large spans widthwise, lengthwise or in height due to the process. These are generally production facilities used in the iron&steel, chemicals, automotive and food industry sectors.

    In addition to large scale production facilities, again specifically specified large scale multi-storey buildings, skyscrapers, AVMs, sports halls, commerce centers, exhibition areas, airports and bridges are among the structures in which structural steel system is preferred.

    The characteristics which play the most important role in choosing structural steel construction buildings are the following;
    - They respond very well to earthquake due to their flexibility.
    - They are preferred in structures with specific designs due to offering flexible design opportunities.
    - As they are prefabricated and because the installation made with only bolt connection is completed very rapidly, it is constructed in very short time as compared to its alternatives.
    - The whole of the construction which can be dismantled and re-erected can be reused without any wastage.
    - The fact that steel, which is the raw material used is a recyclable material, enables production of environmentally friendly building.
    - Due to prefabrication the whole of the construction process is under control and not process is needed at the installation site other than colt connection. This way precaution is taken against any surprises which may be later experienced.